“In the wake of the Junior Open Squash Tournament this weekend, I was really looking forward to visiting Squash..”

Hey guys, it’s Millie – the Campus Sport blogger!

In the wake of the Junior Open Squash Tournament this weekend, I was really looking forward to visiting Squash. The Monday session is unique for squash here at Uni as it caters for all abilities and non-members, whereas all their other sessions are for the club and teams. This makes the session special as they can cater it and change the style of the session for whoever turns up. If complete novices turn up, they’ll be taught how to hold the racquet and how to hit, and if more advanced players turn up, they’ll play real games and receive great feedback and challenges.

Club and Squad VPs Jonny Hicks and Danny Hall ran the hour-long activities this week (A new change, as the female president of the club isn’t available at the time anymore) and I think they worked well together. The session started with basic skills, with Jonny and Danny splitting so they worked one-on-one with each of the girls who turned up to the session. The guys bounced off each other a lot and worked excellently as a team to deliver a fun and varied session. They both impressed me with their positivity and patience; they would both explain to the girls exactly what they wanted them to do in order to achieve their best shots and movements, and then gave loads of praise when the girls did well! Morale was always high with the guys and the girls who were attending, and everyone was laughing and joking like friends. (An awesome atmosphere!)

The ladies attending the session loved it, and gave it incredible feedback… Maren Timmermann said the Monday session is really good if you want to try out squash without the commitment of being free every evening for club practices (as she only goes to the Monday session), and Adele Lim

(Who’s a member and will *Probably* be running the female sessions in the future- so watch out for her!) said she’s made some friends from the Monday session, as girls from Fabulass have turned up and ended up joining the team. Everyone hopes more girls turn up and join the club next year!

The session overall was incredibly fun and everyone involved got a great work out. I loved the enthusiasm of the guys running it, and the girls who attended definitely gained a lot in terms of skills and positive vibes from the coaches. I hope Squash continues to do well over the next semester!

Have you been inspired? Come along and join us at the next session on Monday, 6-7pm at the University Sports Centre!


There are a range of club sessions throughout the week if you cannot make a Monday.  Come along and give Squash a go….

  • Tuesday 6-8
  • Wednesday 1:30-4
  • Thursday 6:45-8:45
  • Friday (Squad) 6-8
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