Allam British Open Squash Championship – LIVE STREAM

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Day 2 evening order of play:
17:00 – Round 1 – [4] Joelle King (NZL) v [Q]
17:45 – Round 1[6] Simon Rösner (GER) v [WC] Declan James (ENG)
18:30 – Round 1[14] Victoria Lust (ENG) v [WC] Fiona Moverley (ENG)
19:15 – Round 1[8] Ramy Ashour (EGY) v Miguel Angel Rodriguez (COL)

We are recruiting!

We are welcoming applications for the role of Campus Sport Activator. The project aims to deliver a high quality experience for participants, volunteers and workforce alike that will create a student centred holistic sports offer at the University. The roles will be part of the Sports Development Team based within the Sports & Fitness Centre and will provide a wide sustainable programme and calendar of participation level sports activity. Encouraging and enabling students of the University of Hull at both the Hull Campus and the Lawns (Cottingham) to participate in sport, increasing the level of sports participation while ensuring clear defined exit routes to foster lifelong sporting habits.

The role will include the following activities:

  • Assist the Sports Development team to promote and provide sports opportunities at the University of Hull;
  • Under the guidance of a team leader, where necessary provide day-to-day support to other members of staff and members of staff new to the work area;
  • Coordinate Campus Sport sessions;
  • Alongside the Sports Development team to promote through promotion activity the Campus Sport programme on the Campus and at the Halls of Residence;
  • Help deliver a welcome festival under guidance of the Sport Development team. Registering teams and coordinating the event itinerary;
  • Help grow the numbers of sports participants, through raising awareness of the sports offer through appropriate medias as guided by Sports Development.

The role holder will assist the Sport Development team to:

  • Deliver social, fun inclusive sport sessions;
  • Constantly consult with students to develop the sports offer at the University of Hull.

To discuss this role informally, please contact Sophie Johnson Tel: (01482) 466491, E-Mail: s.johnson5@hull.ac.uk

To apply, please click here -> https://jobs.hull.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=CA0180


The Allam British Open Squash Championship Returns to the University!

The Allam British Open is returning to The University of Hull for the sixth consecutive year between the 13th– 20th May. Dubbed as the ‘Wimbledon of Squash’ the University of Hull and the Airco Arena will play host to the world’s best squash players such as defending champions Gregory Gaultier of France and Laura Massaro of England who will line up at the Airco in the hopes of lifting the iconic title.


Over the next few weeks the Campus Sport team will be running a female only squash session on Monday evening 6-7pm in the sports and fitness centre, as well as a turn up and play session Tuesday and Thursday 12-1pm. Make sure you come down to either of the sessions over the next few weeks to find out how you can get tickets to view the spectacle in May. Also check out a sneak peak of last years event in the following video:



Here are some of our top tips for exams…

During exams it isn’t uncommon for people to forget to look after themselves.  Knowing every possible thing about a subject is great but not if it means that by the day of the exam your body and mind aren’t capable of articulating any of it after too any days and nights, or studying on little to zero sleep accompanied with sugar, caffeine and whatever is left in the fridge because everyone is studying too much to get any shopping. At this stage you have studied almost all that you can study to be 100% ready for the big day. You have been planning, revising and studying and so there is little more you can do, right?

No, you still need to look after your well being during the stressful time and we have a few tips to help you through it…

  • Exercise! Did you know that physical activity is the biggest factor to enhance our well being? By participating in regular activity can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as increasing our self-esteem. Even bursts of 10 minutes will increase out mental alertness, energy level and can even help with moods! As Pharrell Williams says… “Because I’m happy”. Researchers have proven that people who take part in sport feel more content, more awake and calmer.


Click here to see which sessions you can take part in over the four week exam period..

  • Having trouble sleeping? Take part in the Campus Sport programme because, by increasing your physical activity levels you can boost your serotonin, a relaxing hormone which can help you get a good night’s sleep. Something that you need to help you focus right?


  • Getting a refreshing night’s sleep helps us to think clearer and puts us in a much better mood to deal with what the day has in store. When we exercise, we raise our body’s core temperature and as it cools down over a few hours, the body receives a signal telling it that it’s time to sleep.

We realise that exams are stressful, so take a minute out, have some ‘you’ time and get a work-out or sports session in your schedule. Then you can socialise and be active, helping you on the points highlighted above.

So, the next time you’ve had a stressful day, instead of digging your head in the sand or hiding away from it – why not consider an exercise fix to help you unwind and de-stress, especially around the exam period with the Campus Sport programme.

Good luck everybody and follow us on @CampusSportHull on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for daily updates on sessions you can get involved with…


Be part of the Campus Sport workforce

Come along and join us on Monday 23rd April for the Campus Sport Workforce open day. We will be promoting all of our fantastic development opportunities to join our ever-growing workforce.

At the open day, you can discover different roles available during the summer holidays and during term time; voluntary and paid. Our roles provide you with valuable first-hand experience in the sports sector to help develop your knowledge and skills.

We have a variety of roles from delivery, refereeing/ umpiring, photography, admin, blogger, match reports, social media lead, first aid and many more.

“Being part of the Campus Sport programme made me so much more confident as a person. The support and encouragement was invaluable to me. Not only that, but it kept me fit and motivated, keeping my physical and mental health on track during stressful times”.

“I’ve had so much fun and will remember my experiences through Campus Sport for the rest of my life. The Fabulass programme has meant that I can try a different sport each week, develop as a leader and get to make so many new friends. Thank you Campus Sport”.


Interested? Come along to our workforce open day on Monday 23rd April from 5.30-6.30pm in the Sports Pavilion.  A member from the Sports Development team will be there to answer any questions you may have.

All-Stars Cricket programme is starting at the University of Hull

All Stars Cricket gives girls and boys from the ages of five to eight an opportunity to become a star. The curriculum of fun cricket activities and games provides your children with the basic movement skills to begin a lifelong love of our sport and general physical activity.


For an hour a week over an eight-week period, our fully trained and vetted activators will deliver game-based activities that teach basic cricket skills including catching, throwing and hitting moving balls and social skills such as teamwork and communication. Held at accredited cricket clubs, these courses are the perfect way for your child to learn about cricket and make friends in a safe and, most importantly, fun environment.


All participants will receive an All Stars Cricket branded pack including a cricket bat, ball, shirt, cap, backpack and even a water bottle. Interested? Sign up now and become the next star.


Staying in Hull over Easter?

Campus Sport would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! Staying in Hull? Don’t worry, we have plenty of sport sessions continuing from the 26th March to the 8th April for you to get involved with. To see what we have offer, follow us on social media for daily updates and to check out this semesters Easter programme.


Head over to our Facebook page to see which sessions you can get involved in!

Save the date: 8th April

Get ready because UV Zumba and Table Tennis is back and will be taking place at the Lawns Centre very soon.

Zumba: 5-6pm (The Hive – free)

Table Tennis: 6.30-9pm (The Hive – free)


How to get involved? Just rock up and get involved!

P.S make sure you wear something white or colourful to glow for the session.


If you have any questions, please contact a member from the team on campussport@hull.ac.uk

New date for the Girls that Lift programme

Due to high demand, we are delivering another ‘Girls that Lift’ programme on a Wednesday evening from 19.00-20.00pm at the University Sports Centre.

Ladies, are you looking to increase confidence in the free-weights area and build the body you have always wanted?
Girls that Lift is our unique female only programme, designed to teach you how to add free-weights into your workouts and perform these exercises with confidence. From mastering the perfect technique in the squat, deadlift, pull up and hip thrust, to learning all about barbells and dumbbells, this course will help any beginner get the most out of their gym workouts.
At the end of the course, you’ll know exactly what to do to get strong and toned whilst losing body fat.
Due to limited spaces, the programme is based on a first come, first serve basis. Interested? Sign up now by calling 01482 466234.
Please be aware that the Thursday – 6-7pm, Girls That Lift programme is now fully booked.

“In the wake of the Junior Open Squash Tournament this weekend, I was really looking forward to visiting Squash..”

Hey guys, it’s Millie – the Campus Sport blogger!

In the wake of the Junior Open Squash Tournament this weekend, I was really looking forward to visiting Squash. The Monday session is unique for squash here at Uni as it caters for all abilities and non-members, whereas all their other sessions are for the club and teams. This makes the session special as they can cater it and change the style of the session for whoever turns up. If complete novices turn up, they’ll be taught how to hold the racquet and how to hit, and if more advanced players turn up, they’ll play real games and receive great feedback and challenges.

Club and Squad VPs Jonny Hicks and Danny Hall ran the hour-long activities this week (A new change, as the female president of the club isn’t available at the time anymore) and I think they worked well together. The session started with basic skills, with Jonny and Danny splitting so they worked one-on-one with each of the girls who turned up to the session. The guys bounced off each other a lot and worked excellently as a team to deliver a fun and varied session. They both impressed me with their positivity and patience; they would both explain to the girls exactly what they wanted them to do in order to achieve their best shots and movements, and then gave loads of praise when the girls did well! Morale was always high with the guys and the girls who were attending, and everyone was laughing and joking like friends. (An awesome atmosphere!)

The ladies attending the session loved it, and gave it incredible feedback… Maren Timmermann said the Monday session is really good if you want to try out squash without the commitment of being free every evening for club practices (as she only goes to the Monday session), and Adele Lim

(Who’s a member and will *Probably* be running the female sessions in the future- so watch out for her!) said she’s made some friends from the Monday session, as girls from Fabulass have turned up and ended up joining the team. Everyone hopes more girls turn up and join the club next year!

The session overall was incredibly fun and everyone involved got a great work out. I loved the enthusiasm of the guys running it, and the girls who attended definitely gained a lot in terms of skills and positive vibes from the coaches. I hope Squash continues to do well over the next semester!

Have you been inspired? Come along and join us at the next session on Monday, 6-7pm at the University Sports Centre!


There are a range of club sessions throughout the week if you cannot make a Monday.  Come along and give Squash a go….

  • Tuesday 6-8
  • Wednesday 1:30-4
  • Thursday 6:45-8:45
  • Friday (Squad) 6-8