The Hull Sport team have a dedicated sport and fitness programme to help you during the exam period. Our programme has a range of sessions across a 6-day period, all throughout the day and night to help you relax, wind down over the two-week period: 7-18 January 2019

Exam Timetable: 7-18th January
Hull Campus
MondayFemale SquashSquash courts18.00-19.00pm£2
TuesdaySquashCourt 1, 2, 3, 412.00-13.00pm£2 or free for gym members
ThursdaySquashSquash courts12.00-13.00pm£2 or free for gym members
BadmintonSports Hall16.30-18.30pm£2
FridayBasketballSports Hall20.30-10.00pm£2

Did you know…

  • That physical activity is the biggest factor to enhance our well-being. By participating in regular activity can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as increasing our self-esteem. Even bursts of 10 minutes will increase out mental alertness, energy levels which is definitely needed during exams.
  • By increasing your physical activity levels, you can boost your serotonin, a relaxing hormone that can help you get a good night’s sleep. Something that you need to help you focus right?

These are a couple of reasons why you should continue taking part in sport during exams as it would only benefit you, and potentially your grades.

We wish you all the best of luck for January, and remember – please ensure that you take some time out for yourself.